2018 Day Camps:


April 15th - April 19th



May 28th - August 9th


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Frequently Asked Questions

What do we need to bring to camp?

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You're responsible for a sack lunch, and a water bottle. We feed children an afternoon snack - typically fruit or other whole foods. We also ask that you send your child in comfortable/athletic clothing, closed toed shoes, and a jacket if it's cold/sunscreen+hat if it's sunny/hot - we go outside every chance we get.

Can we drop off early/pickup late?

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Yes, and it's included for free! Drop off as early as 7am and pick up as late as 6:30pm at NO additional charge. Cool right??

Are your coaches background checked?

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Sure are - and drug tested too. Plus they're CPR and AED certified, so your child is in good hands!

My child is ADHD, ADD, has sensory issues, etc. Will they fit in? 

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Here's the deal - everyone's child has *something* that needs special consideration. Even the most well adjusted, "normal" kid is going to have a bad day and need an adult that is understanding and patient. Our purpose is to make every child feel welcomed, loved, appreciated, and special. That means your child, too. So yes, they'll fit in perfectly.

Can we see the facility before we sign up for Camp?

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Absolutely; it's really important that you feel comfortable with our program, and that we feel your child/family is a good fit before we enroll your child. We regularly schedule tours of our facility, but we do so on specific days/times. When you enter your email on this page, you'll be sent to the next page where there is a button that will allow you to schedule a tour for yourself and your child. We can't wait to meet you!